News 2013

22.12.2013 Merry Christmas to all our friends!


13.12.2013 Helsinki Winner, Int Show (judge Erica Pettersson)

RHill’s Dark Reign BM3, RCAC, RCACIB
Quincas Ois Rommicola EXC1
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas VG2
Aavistuksen Lemmen-Liekki VG

17.11.2013 Jyväskylä Int Show  (judge Markku Mähönen)

QO Raparperitaivas EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOS, CAC, CACIB!
RHill´s Dark Reign EXC1, CQ, BM3, CAC
QO Rommicola EXC2
QO Tunturin Tyttö VG2
Aavistuksen Lemmen-Liekki BOB-puppy

and SL (judge Erodotos Neofytou, Cyprus)
QO Terminaattori EXC2

Congratulations to you all!


2.11.2013 We have a brand new EE & LV & LT & BALT JCH.

LTJW-13 RHill´s Dark Reign got his last JUN CAC today at Tartu, Estonia. Here he is pictured winning the JUN CAC in Latvia (summer 2013) 


27.10.2013 Lahti Int  (judge Hans Lehtinen FI)

RHill´s Dark Reign EXC1, CQ, BM3, CAC
Quincas Ois Cappuccino EXC2, CQ, BB3, RCACIB

26.10.2013 Today we had the Finnish Dachshund Club´s biggest Main Specialty ever –  407 dachshunds from all three sizes and coats entered this show!

I think that also the number of longhaired miniature dachshunds (over 60) was a record, at least I do not remember any shows in Finland with so many mini longs.

We had a lovely day with four class winners, BOB and BOB-breeders group, our warmest thank you to our judge Ina Malecka, PL!

And our results:
Quincas Ois Cappuccino – champion class EXC1, CQ, BB1 & BOB!
Quincas Ois Rommicola – intermediate class EXC1 CQ
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas – working class EXC1 CQ
Quincas Ois Café Au Lait – open class EXC4
RHill’s Dark Reign – junior class EXC1 CQ
Quincas Ois BOB-breeder

Big congratulations Susanna and Tico, Saara and Luna, Taru and Hertta, Taina and Essu!

Quincas Ois Cappuccino BOB, Umpijäärän Armas BOS

13.10.2013 Hausjärvi 13.10.2013 (judge Karoliina Viitamäki)

QO Rommicola PIKA1 / accepted working ability test
RHill´s Dark Reign PIKA1 / accepted working ability test
QO Suklaasydän PIKA1 / accepted working ability test –> FI & EE CH & C.I.B


5.10.2013 Tuulos group show

SL QO Terminaattori BOB & CAC!
(Kuuran Red Calibra x Tomjantin Hammer´N´Sickle)
Big congratulations Jaana & Arska


14.9.2013 Porvoo all breed show (judge Zidy Munsterhielm-Ehnberg)

RHill’s Dark Reign BM1, CAC, BOB & BOG3!
Quincas Ois Rommicola BB2, CAC
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas G
Quincas Ois Café Au Lait BB4
Quincas Ois Cappuccino BB1, BOS

SL Quincas Ois Terminaattori VG

Congrats and thanks again to you all


9.9.2013 Helsinki group show (FCI 4)

ML, Judges Pauliina Sjöholm (breed) and Unto Timonen (BIS)
Quincas Ois Cappuccino BB1, BOB and BIS1
RHill’s Dark Reign BM1, CAC, BOS
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas BB2, CAC
Quincas Ois Rommicola EXC1

and SL, Judge Unto Timonen
Quincas Ois Rekkakuski BM1, CAC, BOS (his second show)

Big congrats Susanna, Taru, Anita, Aki and Saara!

Q.O. Cappucino

Q.O. Cappucino

Q.O. Cappucino & RHill’s Dark Reign

Q.O. Rekkakuski

7.9.2013 Vantaa Vantaa all breed show (judge Marjo Nygård FI)

Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas BB1, CAC, BOS (in the photo)
Quincas Ois Takapiru BB3. RCAC
Quincas Ois Rommicola EXC2
RHill’s Dark Reign VG1

Quincas Ois Terminaattori BM1, CAC, BOB

Congrats and thank you to you all!


31.8.2013 Mäntyharju National Show (judge Eeva Resko FI)

RHill’s Dark Reign BM1, CAC, BOS
Quincas Ois Rommicola BB3
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas BB1, CAC, BOB

And standards:

Quincas Ois Terminaattori BM3, res-cac
Quincas Ois Rekkakuski BM2, CAC

Big congrats Taru, Anita, Aki, Jaana & Saara 🙂


24.8.2013 Tervakoski Int Show (judge Karin Bergbom FI)

BOB Quincas Ois Cappuccino, BOS was Aavistuksen Öinen-Tehoratsia, handsome young son of Q.O Sakkorysä

Tervakoski 2013

10.8.2013 Väimela, Estonia

Quincas Ois Cappuccino BOB & Group3 (judges Helin Kasuk-Tenson EE, breed and Larisa Kizina RU, group) 🙂

Vaimela Group3

4.8.2013 Båstad, Norway (judge Mats Jonnsson SE)

NOJW-12 SEJW-12 Quincas Ois Rattotyttö WC EXC 1 CQ CAC BB1 BOB BIG-3
Huge congrats!!!


28.7.2013 Ransäter, Sweden

Super nice news from Norway – NO & SE JW-12 Quincas Ois Rattotyttö was at Ransäter Int show in Sweden today with lovely results EXC1, CQ, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS under the judge Leif R. Hjorth, Huge congrats Liv & Tuuli

26.7.2013 Helsinki, Eukanuba Int Show (judge Saija Juutilainen FI)

Quincas Ois Rommicola EXC1, CQ, BB2, CAC, RCacib
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas VG3
RHill´s Dark Reign EXC2, CQ, BM3, RCAC

14.7.2013 Hyvinkää (judge Cindy Pettersson SE)

BOB Quincas Ois Cappuccino, BOS RHill’s Dark Reign



13.7.2013 Elverum, Norway

NJW-12 SEJW-12 Quincas Ois Rattotyttö EXC1 CQ CAC BB1 BOB BIS-3 today.
Congratulations Liv 🙂

29.6.2013 Tuusula all breed show (judge Stephen Wheeler SE)

Tomjantin Star Chaser BOB, Quincas Ois Rommicola BOS, CAC

Tuusula 2013

15.6.2013 Int show Vejen, Denmark

Quincas Ois Cappuccino today BOB, CAC, CACIB! She is now also DK CH!


9.6.2013 Orivesi all breed show (judge Riitta Lahtovaara FI)

Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas BOB, CAC, BOG4
RHill’s Dark Reign BOS, CAC

Huge congrats Taru & Hertta!



8.6.2013 Tuuri all breed show (judge Kristiina Ahlberg FI)

Quincas Ois Cappuccino BOB, CACIB


1.– 2.6.2013 Estonia

Estonian Winner show (judge Andrzej Mania, Poland)

Quincas Ois Suklaasydän BB2, CACIB & CAC
RHill’s Dark Reign JUN EXC3

Baltic Dachshunds specialty show (judge Lenka Fairaislova, Czech Republic)

RHill´s Dark Reign BM2
Quincas Ois Suklaasydän BB2 CAC

Tallinna PN2b


25.5.2013 Iitti group show (judge Karin Bergbom FI)

RHill’s Dark Reign JUN EXC1, CQ, BM2, CAC
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas JUN EXC2, CQ, BB2, RCAC
Quincas Ois Rentun Ruusu JUN EXC3
Quincas Ois Terminaattori INT EXC1, CQ (BM5)

18.5.2013 Ohkola
Quincas Ois Suklaasydän entered mental test with nice result 174 points!

11.5.2013 Helsinki Int

Quincas Ois Cappuccino BB2, CACIB
RHill´s Dark Reign BM2, CAC, BOB-junior
Quincas Ois Rommicola EXC1
and Anu with sunburn face

9.5.2013 What a day!

RHill’s Dark Reign BOB, CAC & BOG2 (groups 4/6) at Toijala group show!
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas VG1
Breed judge Maija Mäkinen and group judge Paula Rekiranta
Sooo happy!


Tampere INT 4.5.2013, judge Barbara Ruth Smith (SE)

RHill’s Dark Reign JUN EXC2 CQ
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas JUN EXC1 CQ BB2 CAC
Quincas Ois Rommicola INT VG1
Quincas Ois Cappuccino CH EXC1 CQ BB1 CACIB BOB

Quincas Ois Terminaattori (Standard) INT EXC1

Big congratulations Hertta &Taru, Luna & Saara and Arska & Jaana!!!

Tico ROP

Lahti group show 1.5.2013

RHill´s Dark Reign JUN EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC and BOB
In standards Quincas Ois Terminaattori EXC1, CQ, BM2, RCAC
Congrats Jaana & Arnold!


20.4. 2013 Sweden

NOJW-12 SEJW-12 Quincas Ois Rattotyttö: EXC1, CQ, CAC, BB1, BOB


6.4.2013 Nice day at Kirkkonummi dachshund specialty

Quincas Ois Cappuccino ch EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOS
Quincas Ois Rommicola int EXC1, CQ, BB3, CAC
Quincas Ois Rentun Ruusu jun VG
RHill’s Dark Reign jun EXC2 (entry 10 junior males), CQ, BM3

Congratulations Susanna & Tico, Saara & Luna and Reetta & Siiri!


1.4.2013 Lovely day at Lappeenranta National Show!

RHill’s Dark Reign ”Daken” JUN EX1 CQ BM1 CAC BOS at his first official show in Finland
(Ozo´s Manmar Dark And Debonair x RHill’s Stealin Some Sugar)
Quincas Ois Rommicola INT EX1 CQ BB2 CAC
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas JUN EX1 CQ BB4
Quincas Ois Rentun Ruusu VG4

My warmest thank you & congratulations to the owners of R-girls and huge thank you still to Terri Frenia for trusting this charming little boy with us!


Lithuania 2. – 3.3.2013

Lithuanian Winner, 2.3.2013
R’Hills Dark Reign LTJW-13, Jun CAC, BM3
Judge Anca Giura

Vilnius Cup, 3.3.2013
R’Hills Dark Reign Jun CAC, BM1, BOS
Judge Tino Pehar


Kaunas, Lithuania 26.1.2013

FI & SE & EE Ch LT & LV & EE & BALT JCh Tomjantin Hammer´N´Sickle
EXC1, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS –> new LT Ch and C.I.B
Congratulations Susanna & Sissi!


20.01.2013  Mukava aloitus uudelle näyttelyvuodelle

Turku KV 19.1.2013
Quincas Ois Rommicola JUN EXC1, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOS!
Our judge was Markku Mähönen.

Congratulations Saara & Luna!


17.12.2012 Swedish Winner 2012

NOJW-12 Quincas Ois Rattotyttö is now also SEJW-12
JUN EXC1, CQ, BB3, RCAC at Stocholm Int
Huge congratulations Liv & Tuuli!


9.12.2012 Finnish Winner 2012 (miniature longhaired entry 51):

What a day… We are so happy!
Quincas Ois Raparperitaivas JUN VG
Quincas Ois Rommicola JUN EXC1, CQ, BB4, RCAC, FIJW-12
Quincas Ois Cappuccino CH EXC1, CQ, BB1, CACIB, BOS, FIW-12

and in standards
Quincas Ois Terminaattori EXC4

Congratulations Hertta, Luna, Tico, Arska & owners!